Open Source Data Science at SXSW

I have pitched a panel for next years SXSW in Austin, Texas, along with Karthik Ram from rOpenSci. The panel is called “Open Source Data Science”.

SXSW has a panel picker process where you submit ideas and then other people can vote for them. The popular ones get selected. So I need your help to make this one popular!

Panel description:

“We need more data scientists. According to a McKinsey Report higlighting the Impending Data Scientist Shortage 23 July 2013, ‘…by 2018 the United States will experience a shortage of 190,000 skilled data scientists, and 1.5 million managers and analysts capable of reaping actionable insights from the big data deluge.’ This panel will dive into how you can get started as a data scientist using open source tools and open data sources. This panel aims to inspire by giving concrete examples, cases and tool tips to would-be data scientists and geeks already working in the field.”

You can read more and help vote it up at: