Setup encrypted Rstudio and Shiny dashboard solution in 3 minutes
I have created a repository ( with code
Download product information and reviews from
Rmazon The goal of Rmazon is to help
Building a package automatically
So, I just finished building a R wrapper
Calculate your nutrients with my new package: NutrientData
I have created a new package: NutrientData This
Map danish administrative areas with leaflet
What is this? a center for ants!? leafletDK
Classify gender based on danish first names
In Denmark we have official lists of what
Are you happy or sad?
UPDATED: This is the first time I tried
Create your own hexamaps
Hexamaps are gaining in popularity. Most notably has
Open Source Data Science at SXSW
I have pitched a panel for next years 2015-07-30 01-12-50
Mapping the past and the future with Leaflet
I have been working on mapping things for